THQ Punisher - Better Rigging?

With some help from OneManShow and Damianus, I got a model of the Punisher from the THQ game that was put into a mod from Half-Life compiled and working for Garry’s Mod. I’m really sort of a beginning rigger, so the skeleton on this model isn’t so good. Would anyone be willing to help out with it?

Here’s a pic:

I can try if ya want since I was gonna do my rig of the one i ripped ages ago.

Edit: Ok looking at it in max, its not a bad rig tbh just a few flimsy parts here and there but there a cinch to fix. Anyway are ya wanting this rig done asap? Because I can take a bit of time off doing my random pack and help with this one its not a problem.

There’s no rush.

I REALLY hate to do a mega bump here, but I would REALLY like to see this model be put in working order and making a new thread with stuff that I had nothing to do with posted makes me feel bad.

I’m currently fixing the rigging but due to coursework dragging me down its on a back burner however i’m gonna be taking a day off doing courswork during easter and spend a whole day rigging models so i’ll be adding this to the main list.

Alright. Awesome.

i always wondered why people didnt port from the PC punisher game that already had ragdolls

its good its getting done…just a question…coiuld this be a player and evil and friendly npc?

it would be a good edition to the release


personaly i think

Yeah, that game had some cool characters, like the russians, or the yakuza, or Jigsaw in his armor.

and iron man

but yeah, i loved that game


looks cool

bump to get this back to attention for more people.

The link is broken now. Please, reupload

The link is broken, also bumping this thread.