Thread about Discord's Rich Presence and Possible Gmod Support

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So Discord has released a new feature that allows players to join/start games from the Discord client itself, but it has to be an integrated game (if that makes sense). Link 1 does a good job highlighting what the feature aims to accomplish.

I’m not versed enough in any languages to make a surehanded comment about this. Is this something that could be implemented into Garry’s Mod? I understand there’s no Lua integration, but obviously Lua is just hotlayered onto the source engine which runs in C (or C++?), both of which are languages this new Discord feature supports.

I also don’t know enough about the feature itself besides what screenshots they provide in the links. How could this be implemented? It would be neat if it launched your game and immediately ran connect server IP in console. I also think you can display game information, so displaying the server’s title and player counter may be something that could be done.

I’m just not knowledgeable. People who are, what can be done?

This has been public in the discord api for developers for a while, if facepunch devs wanted to do something they would’ve had it finished by now.

And even then, it’s probably more suited for rust rather than gmod.

What makes you say it’s more suited for rust?

I don’t follow Discord’s development so I’ve only been made aware of it since it’s full release to clients that I got today.

I feel it would work extremely well with Garry’s Mod. Especially with the all of communities that spring up and use Discord as a community hub. You got your TTT pals asking you to join in the TT server, or you wanna see how many players are in the JB server in case a mod needs to hop on.

I feel like there are some really cool possibilities with full implementation, especially if the servers themselves had minor access to Discord’s information.

Bump because I’d like a response from a Developer about this. Do I quench my hopes or can we expect something soon?

Garry’s Mod’s developers, Facepunch Studios, are probably working more on Rust than Garry’s Mod at the moment, hence why it would be more relevant to that.
Also, since S&box is also in the works, there’s really no point to put the effort into gmod, if it’s going to be its successor.
Besides, can’t Discord communities simply pin a steam:// connect address?

Well considering how easy implementation seems (this is gauged purely on a quick browse through Link 2), and considering the fact that Gmod does still get updates (albeit minor and very infrequently), I don’t see it taking an extraordinary amount of effort to implement, and the end result could be massive for Gmod communities.

In regards to S&Box, I was under the assumption that it would not be a gmod successor. Additionally, it’s still in its very early stages of development. Correct me if I’m wrong.

And yes, communities can just pin IPs, but Discord’s Rich Presence is a whole lot more than just a simple “connect to.” It can also, from what I can tell, display a whole host of additional information that you are otherwise unable to easily check outside of navigating to a website or opening Gmod yourself.

You should submit this to the feature requests.

Thanks for the link, I posted there as well. Now, I guess, we play the wait game.