Thread about shitty servers where admins dont do their job. To stop making new threads

– [ASG Rust Rangers] EU/US Classic Rust|No Dura| Wiped 16th May
Admins give you bullshit like we just banned 5 hackers (numbers of players on the server still same) and after that i got killed by a speedhacker
admin gave me a warning for reporting them after spamming 10min admin can you help me and he answer me why wont you ask me…
all day he was lying people he will do somethink and after i said the true what he is doing he banned me and all my team.

This thread is for you if you want to:
Write your stories about shitty admins and servers you should not play on.

It sounds like you were being annoying. I would have banned you, too, if you were spamming the chat for help from an admin.

He gave me the reason that i was lying about stuff because he banned those guys and they killed me after like 5min… i told him all that was bullshit and we had a big conversation he was locking me in a prison on the biggest mountain and people were still complaining about those guys they though he banned.

So it sounds like you argued with the admin so much he decided he didn’t want to put up with you anymore and kicked you out of his house.

I just like admins who do their job not like that one. He actually never help people on the server.

It’s his server, there’s nothing you can do about it. His server will develop a reputation quickly enough if he’s a bad admin.

It’s not up to you to decide what the admin’s “job” is. It’s up to them, because it’s their server. They make the rules.

correct me if i am wrong, but the admin cant just ban someone you call “hacker, cheater” etc if you dont have something to prove it(like a video or something) in this situation he have to check things by he’s own… he have check the logs for something abnormal and if he dont find anything he have to go invisible, spy the “cheater” and see if he really uses hacks, this might take a while…

spamming him in the chat “ban him ban him ban him do that do that kick him” will just make things worse… you report the player one time, you wait the OK from the admin (so u will be sure he received ur report) and then u wait… u dont talk about this anymore, u dont do anything… u will just make things worse…

The hilarious bit is. Most admins will ban the annoying guy first, and than deal with the cheaters. Than that person who got banned for being annoying will make a thread about it complaining about the server… LOL cracks me up as I’ve seen this more than twice now.

What about the shitty players? I had one in my server constantly asking for spawns, loved to raid but lost his mind when his shitty base got raided, but thats what you get for placing all your loot boxes against your outer wood walls. Classic twelvie

Not long after trying pretty much every method under the sun to convince me to spawn him an M4, on arvo I logged in to “There was a hacker in your server” Its a low pop server atm so I checked the connection logs and verified that yes a few players had logged in but they were either mates of this shit player or long timers on the server that I know dont hack.

Then the story changed to “He had no name, and he was able to connect to the server without the server registering it, he took my M4 then flew away and logged off, he must have been using a VPN”

After 15 mins of arguing about how VPNs work and how its impossible for a player to connect without a connection attempt, he kept at it, because apparently a Microsoft Certified systems engineer doesn’t know how VPNs or servers work. He even led me to the area where the sleeper was which “must have been looted by someone while we were talking” He later rage quit.

Our rules are now updated so if someone calls hacker they have to have proof in the form of fraps or similar.

The next Haccusation? one of the good players was getting griefed by a hacker, quietly turned on fraps and talked the hacker into showing him where his glitch base was and also how he flew. got me on steam, sent me the vid and the hacker was banned within 10 mins.

Moral of the story? dont spam the admin in chat, get them on steam and give them some kind of proof, and let them investigate otherwise you’ll just sound like a whinging butthurt kid if you expect that they will just ban on your word immediately, or even believe your story.

Good story, would love to check out your rust server if you still have it up.

Cheers, I will shoot you our details in a PM if you like, though its pretty dead at the moment, we have 75 players in the steam group and most on Hiatus until Rust gets a significant update. till then to keep some players occupied I have enabled buildkits so people can just build what they like or practice good base design. bc of that we have a lot of noobs but thats also ok, noobs are players too and need to start somewhere!

Yea go ahead could always use a good server.
Also point you to “” for new players who want to theory craft bases. Very useful.

Hi mate, u didn’t appear to have PM enabled so I added u on steam and invited you to the steam group, connection details therein! Thanks for that link will check it out when I’m on after work

Hahaha… yea that’s what I’ve done on my server too. Most players have taken a break and waiting for the big update so I’ve made a generous starter kit with 1500 Wood Planks so players don’t waste too much time building and losing the hours spent gathering when the update comes.

I see a lot of whining about hackers in this forum.

Some thing I started to consider after monitoring players activity at my server I found that most “hacking” is because of the ping. So, if you see someone killing you without being seen your ping may be too high. Also he might not be able to kill you because of the same reason. So, if client-server communication is poor then solution is to kick those guys, as they just cause trouble. Simple and elegant. This is not always the best solution so, admin must look at the bigger picture. Ping peaks happen.

Another thing is just whining. When you start to argue with administrator, think about it. Admin(s) pay for that service and holds his server for some reason. Now you come, unknown kid, who starts whining about shitty service. From admin perspective you are just annoying person at the street who begs for service without paying. What can he do when he wants to play as well. There is two solution, kick veteran players and listen to you, or kick that annoying person and keep veteran players who has been fun to play with. It is hard choice, I agree. But something he has to make.

There are of course more options to solve this situation, like, for instance, act as normal person and start discussion not scream and shout about every problem you have.

Also, option is to create your own server and play alone. And like it. Or play at official server- there are no annoying admins around.

If you ask me, what I would do? I do not have the answer. Just contributing my thoughts to this madness.

If you ask me why I have my own server? I am developer in my heart. Otherwise would dump my server months ago.

The admin told me he was watching me and that guy speedhacking in front of me and who killed me wasnt a hacker but just a friend of the admin.

so you didn’t bother recording the guy who was “speed hacking but wasn’t a hacker” or anything like that, you just expected everyone to believe your word over ALL?

Seriously how do u expect anyone to believe your accusations at all if you cant even string a coherent sentence together?

Also, how do you know the admins were bullshitting about banning the players? you do realise that when you ban someone it doesn’t kick them straight out, they may have been banned but hadn’t yet logged out or been kicked by the admins!

Hey Guys can u report someone who is the friend of an admin and he spawns himself items like uber hatched and kills everyone because he is in something like godmode. His Steamname is Don Vito Corleone. here is the URL: how can i report him?

There is no such mechanism for reporting this - it just means that the admin is shit and his server will soon be empty. You should post something in the servers thread so people know to avoid his server!