Thread of Suggestions

Hey Guys i’m curious of what you guys would think would be a good addition to the game soo feel free to post anything that pertains to that topic here!

I will start: Backpack extensions or different sized backpacks

Now everyone else it is YOUR TURN!

You should limit it to one suggestion per post to accurately measure people’s feedback. What good is it if your first idea is terrible, your post gets thrown in the shitter, and the rest of it is gold?

Took note of that

A bell for your house for emergencies. Ring the dinner bell to cause nearby enemies to flock around your house, or alert nearby allies of a threat. A bell may be attached to a mechanism with a rope-pulley or can be rung once by striking it with a melee weapon.

And there are gonna be kids who spam that bell.

It could have limited durability and a high metal cost. Even if there is someone who spams the bell, by giving it a limited audible range it only affects them and their neighbours. Karma has a way of dealing with annoying neighbours.


A bell is also less obnoxious than a siren.

Being able to destroy and respawn your wooden house objects