Thread Title Boycott!

I’ve decided it’s about time to start a boycott against threads which do not have informative, useful thread titles on this board. I will not answer questions with bad thread titles Anyone who wants to join in please post :buddy:

Bad thread title:

Urgent!!!!! DarkRP halp, plzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!

Good thread title:

How do I add another job in DarkRP with Lua?

To mods: Give this thread a chance, if executed properly, FP will be a much better place to get
help from.

“Thread Title Boycott!” isn’t a great thread name for this section, should I be boycotting you? :wink: Personally I think people can’t learn without first making mistakes (which quickly awards you a short ban). It’s fine as it is.

Quit making rant threads lol, if you don’t like it don’t look at it.

Does anybody still reply to those threads?

IDK if a boycott is necessary, I thought the people who were competent enough to HELP in threads were still smart enough to not reply to stupid ones.

Thread titles usually give you some hints about the content. If the title is dumb, so is the content. We don’t want to try to understand what you are saying. If you want help, request it in an understandable manner.

People won’t learn anything without knowing what their mistake is. I don’t know what the admins deem undescriptive, none of those threads get closed or the op banned these days.

It seems now’a’days, mods are more worried about my rants than the actual problems I rant about. :U

Yeah because you keep putting them in places where they do not belong…try putting them in General or Fast Threads

I do. Just to post whore from really obvious questions though.

I’m sure the Fast Threads section would love to hear about why you should use local variables.

Finally, your my hero Gbps. I did so much as make an avatar based on yours.

local variables, wait what? Because this rant thread has everything to do with local variables right?