Threat Episode 1 : Rise from the dead.

I started new comic and I hope it’s good that I can continue it. THIS IS PERSONAL SKIN “CRAP” SO DON’T START TO HATE IT FOR THAT!

Part 1:

Part 2:


Interesting concept…not sure what’s going on.

Maybe next time have one of the english-speaking members of the forum proof read before you post it.
Also, take a look around the forum for tutorials on posing and speechbubbles, they help quite a bit.

Otherwise, keep it up :slight_smile:

I have no idea whats going on at all.

More back story please, you can’t just throw the reader into the middle of it without telling us whats going on.

The background story will show up in different episodes.

Edit: Thanks for the dumb<3

This makes me feel like a rebel gamer.

The comic is good though, interesting concept.

Well thank you.

i loved the comics section when the personal skin thing was going on because the comic section was alive.

You’r welcome

Also, may I ask for the name of the models you used?

We need a BRILLIANT rating…

They are personal skins. There is striker, arthrens(I don’t know is he here anymore), s-teh-a, bigboom, killz2much and enhanged_ai, and mine.

Alright, thanks man.

we need more personal skin comics. people put a lot of work into them, and respected each other.

Yeah I agree. It was good time.