Threat Episode 3: Loss.

Here it is.

Comments, please.

Work a bit on your grammar, if you’re not English then send it to a friend for checking before uploading it.

It’s pretty dark too, might wanna work on that.

^ dat plus more of me…

You will be shown in next episode more.


Okay, I’ll do that.

Little bit english here and there and it’s better comic. Still, nice. :slight_smile:

Awesome comic you got going here, altho I do wonder where I am? :v:

I like the smoke effects. Practice your posing a bit, the characters look stiff, hunched over.

Combine_Dumb was kind enough to make a thread to help new comic makers, read through it…it’s quite helpful.

You’re well on your way to becoming a good comic maker.

What the others said.

Your on the road to be a g-

God dammit, ninja’d…

Pm me your skin and you will maybe be shown in next episode.