Three Against Thirty REDUX; Cannonball and Big Bruno; Vigilantes starring Thane and Garrus

Firstly, ‘Three Against Thirty’ a re-done picture from my previous thread:!-quot

I didn’t feel like it did proper justice, and perhaps maybe I’ve made it somewhat better. Better or worse; that’s for you to judge.

Cannonball and Big Bruno who came out of this thread:

and an idea I believe Haxxer had of an elcor SPECTRE. I felt like screwing around with the idea, so I got these two conceptual-ish pictures.

and finally there’s Vigilantes with Thane and Garrus. It was a quick pose I wanted to get out of my folder and didn’t want to put it in that “Don’t want to make a thread” thread.

Overall, I just wanted these out of my folder.

I like them all. Cool looking elcor spectre.

That’s a big gun.

These are cool, i like the walrus in the 2nd pic

Walrus? :raise:

Space Walrus.

That’s no walrus, that’s an Elcor :saddowns: