Three american soldiers about to enter a dark japanese forest for a routine patrol

First version

Scenebuild? If yes, another angle would be nice. And the work is awesome, instead of hands of right soldier, they don’t look similar, different colours.

Looking nice. Are you planning to do any “The Pacific” based screenshots?

And I don’t think the M3 Greasegun was used in the Pacific theater.

Yup, scenebuild.

A mighty fine screenshot you got yourself there, Mister.

Though, I don’t like the Greasegun, I’ve never liked it. It’s just so ugly and rarely fits.

Awesome shadows.

The bloom and blur are too excessive for my taste.Nice posing and scenebuild though and the faceposing is interesting.

I agree. I was tired when I did it and I’m not very happy with it. But meh.

Loving this scenebuild. What map did you use for this?


Did a little googling – not knowing shit like this bothers – but yeah the M3 was used in the pacific theatre and if I’m reading this source right it was pretty widely adopted in the pacific because there weren’t alternatives around (surprising, but the M1 was actually something of a rarity).

I blame video games for this. In reality the M1 was rare and the M3 was produced in huge quantities, in most games and hell even in movies you constantly have the M1 around but rarely do you get the M3.

Also: good pose, like the expression the lead soldier and the scenebuild is pretty kick-ass.

Excellent posing. Great models.

Slightly reminds me of Pacific on HBO

really nice colors
but he broke his finger :frowning:

This is to good, I give up on garrysmod, :stuck_out_tongue: :P, I suck at editing too.

“The Pacific” I think is better than “Band of Brothers”… but I have BoB DVD set and i’m going to purchase TP aswell.

They look like they have those bad company attitudes.
Really nice.

I thought of anime when I saw the title…

I like their uniform skins.

i love it ill use it as a desktop picture infact!