Three Americans assaulting a German MG.

What a bad assault.

The retard with the grenade is going the wrong way.

There’s a reason he ain’t flyin the planes…

In .5 seconds, grenade man will be on the ground.

I don’t understand how he could possibly get close enough to that wall and place TNT on it, not to mention you’d have to stand there and set the fuze and light it and you don’t throw it on the wall, you throw it on the MG emplacement and you’d think they shoot all three of them right out in the open like that… your picture is invalid.

He just noticed Mr.Offscreen so he decided that he was more of a threat.

hur john gay

Run up from the right out of LOS, stick it and light it?

Maybe they just got the gun up and just began firing.


You have confused me.

Oh so he came out the fucking wall or came from a Tea party with Mr. Offscreen?

Aw, don’t be too hard on the guy. He’s only showing what it would be like if the Three Stooges were on a battlefield.

Despite the retardedness of their combat tactics, posing is pretty good, your leg posing is really improving, which was the worst of your posing.

So they can climb over a wall with spikes on the top.

They’re americans, of course they can.