Three Dark Angels Helping Clear A Landing Zone For Reinforcements

That is some extremely sexy grass.

No dark angel symbol on shoulderpads 0/10000 would not look at again!!! >:(

[sub][sub][sub]Kidding this is really nice, great work[/sub][/sub][/sub]

Don’t ask don’t tell

Love me 40k! I intend to do a reskin of them Angels. This is awesome stuff.

problem is they’re not actually DA;

Neither is that, Dark Angels don’t have tactical squad markings on the right shoulder pad as they don’t follow the Codex Astartes. But as soon as I get in from work, I will start skinning them to look more like Dark Angels.

I thought they were skins you made lol

I think I’m turning into another Walter, all I make are Warhammer 40k poses as of late.

Not a bad thing to do

Dark Angels, reinforcements? HERESY.

10/10 for posing
9/10 for model
0/10 for no shoulder symbol


Nah they are from the SP files in Spacemarine. I assume they were meant to show up in the campaign somewhere like the Ravens and BT.

How did you even pull off the grass?
Can’t figure out if you took it from a picture or used a photoshop brush. If you did either of those its amazing work incorporating it into the picture so well.

Unless I’m seriously missing something and there’s great looking grass for Gmod now. [SUB]I can dream.[/SUB]

All in-game except for the blood around the chain sword in the Chaos feller.

the grass too?

Yes, the grass is in-game.

now i’m curious, what grass model is that?

Isn’t that the grass Norpo ported from Skyrim?

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Yeah it is.

Where did you get Valkyrie model ?