Three generic pictures

perhaps you should listen to what people say

Perhaps i do :rolleyes:

seriously kyno chill out for a bit with your posing, go outside a little bit then practice some more

also on the second picture, the force of the bullet would send him going backward, not forward

Yeah i agree with magicman, you are posing like the whole day. I mean you are improving, but you will finally get brain damagage or something. And Leon, be less aggresive.

Ok guys! thanks for the constructive critics!

Oh i am sorry, here you go:The posing is kinda blocky like they are stuck there the muzzle-flashes are overall the same, but hey unlike that troll matt, i can spot huge improvement, the angles are boring maybe they should be more downrise and for action posing it’s better to be like this most of the time.

you really are the dof raper…poor little dof :frowning:

Stop abusing DOF, it makes the pictures really shitty when it’s done bad like this.

And take a goddamn break, just practice for awhile, you don’t need to post ALL of it.