Three Heavy Combine Infantry soldiers patrolling in a city

Gonna complain about guns floating? Magnets. See the straps that actually are there? Good.

Guns are floating magnets aren’t an excuse


lazy fuck

Look at their shoulders, see those things that stand out? Yeah, those are straps. And what other way was I going to have them there, put ingame ropes there? No. I made straps to let people actually see them, instead of complaining of floating guns.

Where are those straps? cause I can’t see shit, man…Anyway, once I find the straps, it will be cool pic.

I’m a sucker for anything with BF2142 weapons or Wystan’s heavy Combine infantry, so I can’t help but like this, as simple as it is.

Let me help you with that:

Guess I’m blind, 'cause I can’t see shit, captain! ok, nice pic…

EDIT: They’ve got BALLS OF STEEL :smiley:

Okey, if you guys can’t see the straps, help me make better ones!

I think it would have been better if they were holding them, but the I like the atmosphere.

I mean, I can’t see those straps…I can see the pics…


I typed wrong, sorry.

where are the straps

I like it, they look badass.

Don’t worry fussy. I still love you and your pictures.

The one walking in the middle looks fucking amazingly well posed, I mean it.

I have always tried to do that walking pose, and I have never managed to copy it as naturally as you did there lol.

Simple but nice.

Thanks man!

Oh you c: