Three HECU Troopers stand ready at a corner.

Testing these headhacks.


C&C etc.

Nice posing.

Yay, HECUs reloaded!

Sorry, but I absolutely hate that model.

Looking good man.

Nice hax, nice posing. Another good job there mate!

You couldn’t comment on the posing, angles or editing, could you?

This is fucking amazing.

It’s really perfect in everything, angle is good, editing even better. posing is outstanding.

How are you guys posing that well, are there any special tools to help you with it? or maybe welding?

Both posing and fingerposing are very good. Shure took you sweet time.

Just some better physics files.

Didn’t bother, it’s usually fine with you.

Where is the gritty “YOU GOT NOTHING!”


I like them.

Did you get permission from romka?

Did I release them?

Negatory. If I ever want to release them I’ll ask Romka, since at the moment I’m not releasing them.

Alright, just curious.

Seem kinda cool though I personally dislike them.

Pose is well excuted, white guy at the back seems a little vacant and the guns seem slightly unfitting but generally good.

Sorry if I sounded evil then hurr.

Guns, I agree on, but I can’t find a better M4/M203 model about so I use these ones, and the guy at the back…

Well, let’s say he’s not alert because he has no reason to be(lol’d).

Do people actually go in with their berets? Damn nice posing.

Nice posing, nice hacks, nice angle… Nice stuff from you again taggart

oh my god please release these, I love these models, but there’s only so much you can do with the 5 default ones.

Taggart if your doing a bunch of headhacks for these heres an idea, use the white bandana from the old Half life grunt models and get it on a half life 2 head, and give it the same texture as their camo. If you don’t know exactly what i mean. here a picture i made while ago. I think these HECU looks amazing with bandanas.