Three more Recon guys make a last stand against the Zerg

I hope the headhacks are better.
Blood splatter looks crazy, not sure how to make a proper exit wound so I just redded that crap over.
Hope the muzzleflashes and tracers are consistent


Am I getting good yet?

Louis is useless, as usual.

Blood could use some depth, but otherwise it looks pretty sweet.

Nice faceposing on Francis.

That’s pretty fucking decent. Love your work caboose.

Thread music really brings the pose to life; for me, anyways.

Hey, you used my offered music :buddy:

They still use Desert Eagles in 2300?

bill lives!

Bill never died.

In our hearts.


Jukeboxes and Rednecks still exist in 2300.

The posing and angle are fucking awesome.
Great head hacks as well.

Loving it.

I don’t own L4D2, nor have I played The Passing, thus, he’s still well and alive in my mind.

Another sexy picture from Caboose. Louis’ expression makes me laugh. He’s like, “This fuckin’ Deagle isn’t working guys!”

How does that work? :v:

Where are people getting these soldier models?

Did you photoshop the zergling in or is it an actual model?

Check the release section

They seriously need to release headhacks for these, deflating ragdolls is boring.