Three Pictures :)

i’m back with my generic pictures!
kidding :stuck_out_tongue: I just did these for killing time
ima make shitty hl2 things now maybe

Brush spam. Exists.

Constructively, i like the last two. On the first picture the soldiers hodl weapons unnaturely and the brushes look too sharp. It seems like you wantd to make it atmospheric and overatmosphered it.

I love the first one!

I think you are right. thanks

I like all of them man.
Why did you take me off your friends list?

lol :slight_smile:

I really really like the 2nd one.

First two are nice, but the guy in the 3rd looks way to upright if you know what I mean :confused:

I didn’t
looks like you removed me from your friends list.
anyway thanks