Three Rebel leaders look ahead like badasses.

I think I went overboard on the red.

Other than that it’s just a quickie.

nothing that stands out to me error-wise
good job!

Barney’s elbow! :byodood:
Everything else is fantastic!

The two rebels on the side are all, “What are they looking at…?”

Their faces just seem lifeless, comparing to the 2 rebels from the left.

Odessa looks kind of awkward holding the M60. Other than that, nice work.

Faceposing could use some work on Barney and Alex

I like what you do with barney, but either he needs more neck or a smaller head.

Some minor handposing errors on the AK/M16 rebels.

Cool though.

“I Blame this on Oddesa Cubbage.” -Some Rebel in Half life 2.

But thats some good posing there.

i want that barney model