Three renders of a model I was thinking about bringing to GMOD

So, what do y’all think?



“Fun” shot (WARNING - 1200x1900 RESOLUTION!):

Looks nice, but the texture seems to stretch a lot.

It could probably be a bit more higher poly, too.

I’d say bring it to gmod. Oh, and if possible, could you create a normal map?

I pulled it out of good old Morrowind. Sorry about it being low poly. I may be able to make the hilt a bit better, but the blade won’t look “blade-ish” unless it has sharp edges (IMO).

I’ll bring it to GMOD as soon as I can get Max to accept the SMD plugins ><

Whoa, that’s a pretty cool sword! The only thing you can improve on that model is making it a bit higher poly, like A big fat ass says.
Also, I can make nice skins / recolors of that model for you. I’m bored and I have nothing better to do.

Ooh, red where it’s green is something I’ve wanted for a while now XD

Let me go get the textures…



Edit 2:

Wireframe renders, before and after poly increase:



For now, I left the blade the same.

Here it is, my red skin:

Also, what does this look in the model?
Orange recolor:
Also, the model looks a lot better with more polys.

That looks a lot like a port of Morrowind’s glass claymore.

Because it is…


Although it’s actually the glass longsword.


Whoops, no wonder the textures looked funky; the mapping was imported upside down!

I fixed it, and rendered four swords, each one with a different texture set (mostly).

The two on the outside are using the “custom” blade textures that Vert whipped up; the left-center one is the original textures; the right-center one is using Vert’s red version of the original textures. So, what do ye all think?

(Methinks the red one looks just plain deadly…)

Oh, and hey Vert, if you could redo both those textures in as many colors as you can think of, I think that would be awesome! Your blade texture is very well done! Now we need “runes” to match the orange blade, and a red blade to match the red “runes.” And maybe purple and white, if you can. God, this’d be an awesome SVN lol…“Morrowind weapons”


And posting from school, where I have access to Photoshop CS3 yey

I made a couple recolors myself XO:

Thanks!! I’m still working on more retexturizations and recolors for your sword, all diferents from the ones you have in the picture on the post above.
Are you going to make more cool swords?

STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM! Nobody steals the glass sword on my watch!

Dude… try and steal CS3 from your school. I have CS3 Master Suite (bought it :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it’s worth having. Makes things a lil’ easier on you when it comes to editing images.

You :downs:, that’s Oblivion! Mine’s from Morrowind! XD

Vert, sounds awesome!

Guy above…mentioning warez or stealing programs can get you banned…careful.

Besides, if I really need it, my dad has it.

It is? Sweet. I couldn’t get any good pics of it, but it was the Morrowind one I was looking for actually.

Yeah, it’s the Morrowind glass longsword. The actual model is called “w_crystal_longsword” if you want to find it in the files (if you have the game). You’ll have to look in the construction set CD’s “Data Files/Meshes/w” folder for it, and no, the “w” isn’t a typo. That’s what they named the folder XP

Can’t check now since I’m at work, but I might re-innstall MW and check later

Mhmm, what program do you use, and a bump map would be nice.
Also, have you followed a texture tutorial, texture looks great, and if so could you send me the link, I really want to learn how to texture

What program? 3Ds Max 2009 with the NifTools plugin. Allows importing/exporting of the .nif format used by Morrowind and, oh yeah, Oblivion. Also works with Fallout 3!