Three scavengers discover a huge destruction.

I haven’t good idea for title.

Map : Gm_Scenebuild_Night

I hope you enjoy.

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I can’t see the picture.

omqqq wheR DA pic???!?!? XD

Oh there it is.

Pretty cool.

The dark shadow pit of darkness and dirt.

Looks awesome <3

So, there’s rebar in the ground? i’m confused. Was there a building above it that was destroyed or…?
You know what, fuck it. Ain’t even mad.

Now for something completely different: try adding something to that negative space in the upper left. It really sucks in your attention as opposed to leading you to the giant hole in the ground. Good pic, though.

It’s great, but you shouldn’t had used that Portal 2 prop to the right, doesn’t look to fit into the picture. It has smooth textures on it, no damage or rust.

Anyway it’s good

Kinda dark, the scavengers are almost as pitchblack as the background.
There’s also some visible robust brush work on that hole, mainly on the upper side.

Reminds me of: