Three soldiers on a hill in a desert at sunrise

Nom noms. C&C please :3
Decided to make a story for it:
[Years of no sunshine, brought to an end at the day of war. They had not seen the bright light for 10 years. It blinded them when they ran up the hill to see the sun. Silence struck them. They could not do anything for what seemed like a life time. The sun was there, to help them and to guide them through the dangerous desert of the planet Nambian…]

Nice posing.
The middle’s left foot is slightly off the ground, though.

I already told you on Steam :3

Yarr :3

Good posing. :smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I make edit.

You’ve turned that sun into a nuclear explosion. :v:


That what I was thinking as well, but it looks nice

You went way to far with the sun xD

yea it got outa hand :v: