Three soldiers slowly falling back after a visit from hell.

I like it, the “music” makes it IMO

Fucking awesome.

The zombie In the police car is watching them. Great stuff man.

Thanks. Yeah I had some trouble placing the zombie in the backseat, I wanted him to be dead but it just wouldn’t stop lollygaging, so I just froze it and bam. He probably won’t get much food though.

If I was one of them and heard that noise, I’d be running while shooting everything.

Nice picture,but the red lighting in the poice car is weird,it lights inside the car,the floor,and under the car :v:

that’s how gmod lights work.

I expected DooM

Nice work though

What map is that?

zombie invasion or survival or something, you’ll find it on page 2 on of maps or close.

they locked him in there because he was too soft to be a zombie.

Great work, I can see you put a lot of thought into the posing, camera angle and lighting.

[SUB]That picture at 4:00 in the vid always freaks the shit out of me[/SUB]

Awesome atmosphere!

Keep it comin’ Rick.