Three SS troopers converse while standing guard

Mix of Armistice Day and Model Test posing, I guess.

C&C etc or whatever

Can’t see shit. Turn down the contrast.

Just for you

Frankly, I don’t think model testing should have threads. This is more of something that should go here because it’s three people standing with some very strange stances with nothing to look at, no face posing, no editing of any kind that I can see other than contrast, and (sorry) bad models to begin with. Why are they all putting their hands in strange positions? They all can’t be talking at the same time with such hand gestures.

Honestly I think it’s a good overall picture, until you look at the details.

what are they all doing with their hands?

DoM. Wombossi MPhD (Taggart): ze one guy was just ze talking
DoM. Wombossi MPhD (Taggart): ze second is ze talking
DoM. Wombossi MPhD (Taggart): ze third is like “vhat me?”
Dean: what strange hand gestures though
DoM. Wombossi MPhD (Taggart): shit fingerposing tbh
DoM. Wombossi MPhD (Taggart): need new hands

Your testing has increased altitude.

communicate telepathically*

nazi supersoldiers*

i see