Three suggestions

Hi there! I just want to share somethings that I would like to see in Rust:

  • If a player has a shootgun or rifle in his inventory but it’s not equiped it should been show at his back. You can’t hide a weapon like that just equiping a rock.
  • At the crafting menu add the possibility of typing the quantity or a “max” option.
  • Would be nice to have windows that can be closed, to avoid granades during raids for example.

First Suggestion
I agree, and I believe they already are thinking about adding it, but since it’s in the early Alpha state, they just haven’t added it yet.

Second Suggestion
Again, I agree and I believe they’re thinking about adding it, but again… Alpha.

Third Suggestion
I believe closeable windows would be cool, and I’m not thinking about glass, but maybe a kind of “door” on the window. I know there is a word for it, but I can’t quite remember, so I hope you know what I mean.
ANYWAYS, it would be cool to see this feauture coming, but there is things I kind of find more important to be added soon then this. This feels more like just a cool bonus after fixing what should be fixed / added.

So yeah, I like all the ideas.

L2Play before making suggestions, there is already a way of selecting the max quantity to craft, its called ctrl-click on the “+” button.

Heyhey, I’m probably one of those big nolifers on Rust, yet I did not know that but I do know how to play very well, and I know about everything there is to know in the game.

everyone knows m8

If you hold shift then click the + it does it in increments of 10, if you hold ctrl it does max.