Three Tf2 poses.


Poor Mr. Offscreen. Always shot and yelled at.

Good posing as always. Not very exciting though.

Simple and pretty much perfectly resembling the game. Nothing to dislike here.

… although they’re a bit The Combine-esque in composition.

Don’t worry, next time I’ll show shit actually happening.

You should use 3 or more characters, 2 is OK, 1 is just plain boring.


And the soldier’s hand looks a bit funky

Most of these were request for just that one character, least I think just that one character, they never really did say.

But yeah, more people next time

Youre saying it like its a bad thing :saddowns:

Don’t worry We still kinda love you.

I like 'em.

Color warping everywhere.

Lovely camera angles and lighting. A few errors here and there, most noticeably in the sniper’s sleeve and arrow pack where there are weird grey spots. Wouldn’t make bad wallpapers.

pretty nice work. the angles and lighting are really great, and the posing is pretty good too.

Thank ye.