Three...TWO Soldiers fighting the NEMESIS (One ran away)

points at media “Don’t come any closer!” - Resident Evil 3: NEMESIS

Nice. What happened with your muzzle flashes?

Custom pack, you can choose different ones, I’m useing the “Realistic Flash” one. Plus, I have in game motion blur on.

Much, much better than your original shots.

Posing on the guy at the left could be better… But this is a real step up.

I’m… Proud, of you…

A step up?
*goes to step up, BUT THERE’S NOTHING THERE!!"

Is that the Vman’s pack?

I think.

The fire on the car looks not right

Motion Blur is on.

I s ee bad posing on the left.

You bastard, I was gonna re-create that scene >:O


What’s with the floating fire on the left?

For now the third time, motion blur is on.