Three well geared survivors walk around not giving a fuck

Posing by me, editing by Hairybastard


water sucks.
absolutely no disturbance in the water what so ever.

Water could use a lot of work tbh

hahah, you should let someone with at least some basic knowledge of editing edit your pictures.

What is up with the water, looks like ice…Barely.

To be honest, the water looked better before the edit. Everything else is nice though.

Who says its water maybe its a dead giant jellyfish. I would walk like that after defeating a giant jellyfish.

What models are those? They’re sick!

whatever it is, it’s shit

Must have been a big mutant then.

must have been someone opening up photoshop and taking a giant shit all over a picture

What water?
I only see a T-1000…

It’s very good, i would go over with some sort of a filter in photoshop over the water though, maybe a splash filter and add more reflection to it.

No, but seriously, what models are they?

No photoshop is long gone in their world. How could anyone even open photoshop and shit all over it and make it have real life consequences? That’s just plain silly in my opinion. Of course its a picture and not much is told what is happening other than that they are not giving a fuck, so if that sounds like better background story for the picture, go ahead.

Models can be found here:

Oh, wow, awesome, thanks.

Arrrhh!!! My eyes! Bad graphic!
But good posing, keep it up.