three world at war related pics


there’s fingerposing on those models for a reason

thanks did’t know that

now you do, and only the american’s have faceposing

Improve your posing and angle, and the screenshot needs finger and face posing, also don’t use the default muzzleflash.

Nice completion of troll poses, stop doing things your not good at.

Just give up and die already.

You keep coming back with the same tired old shit and it’s really fucking annoying because it’s obvious that you make NO effort to improve any of your skills.

You’re either one giant fucking troll, or you really are just a stupid kid with no fucking skills.

Jesus Christ, is this the summation of the screenshots and movies forum, right here?

In this thread?

Because, honestly, really good content has been missing since you fucking idiots came in here and started posting your eye gruel.

Fuck off.

Were did u get the american models at?

You didn’t improve.
At all.

Actually, I think you might have even gotten worse.

Posing is god awful, seriously you havent improved since your last pose, you should of at least tried to finger pose them too.

Either try to improve or just stop posting them here.

Or just stop posing.

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I agree.

Although it seems he used some sort of anti-aliasing this time, its hard to tell because of such a steaming pile of shit it is.

um ya ya you came here after did so i thank you are the person who needs to shut the fuck up and get your god damed facts striate

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pm me

Where is bad spelling goddammit!

Lebowski has been here waaaaay longer than you bro.

I believe it is you who needs to shut the fuck up and listen, you stupid son of a bitch.


I joined in January of 2005 with the now banned account Kiyasha Omin.
I have been known also as ARR DARMA and Jewcopter.

I’ve been flaming and insulting you for being a fucking retard since you’ve arrived here you stupid fucking piece of shit.

I’ve been here LONG before you started growing that peanut shell sized brain of yours.
Which doesn’t change the fact that someone’s join date isn’t at all a factor in their intelligence.

If you’ve “been here longer than me” you would’ve been a lot smarter if that was the logic you’re following.
But you can’t follow logic because you wouldn’t know what it is if it slapped you around in the face with it’s cock and came in your eyes you stupid ingrate.

I highly doubt this.

-22 years old.

Matt, you must be a troll. Must be. I’ve never met anyone as seemingly dense as yourself. Do you seriously watch a movie or see anyone in real life hold a weapon like the way you pose?

In general, your pictures are extremely half-assed. Worst of all, you don’t seem to learn let alone listen.