Three WW2 Paratrooper theme pictures

“Stand Up!”

“Hard Landing”

“Without Friends”

C&C is always welcome.


Gonna make some more screenies about WW2.

Thanks for watching.

Pretty nice. Go easy on the contrast though, looks especially bad in the last picture.

Did you use sharpen or something in the first picture? Looks odd.

Shit, I should release a better skin for those airborne soldiers. I worked kinda hard on the model hack but the skin I made for them is just crap. I see it myself now.

the gun in the lase picture looks really small
otherwise nice

It’s a m1 carbine, they were designed to be small…

I really like these pictures, they are very well done. And simkas if your going to reskin them you should do a few like one like the resistance and liberation mod and one like the call of duty united offensive battle of the bulge americans.

Well, I’ve already got a better skin done of it. I didn’t actually make it though, I got it from FPSB for DoDS and just did some modifications to the texture sheet to fit on my models. So I’m not sure if I could really release it.

Sweet. As long as your credit them I’m sure it will be fine.

The color of the uniform, and the uniform by itself, is wrong. This uniform was used in “Market Garden”.

Am I wrong ?

You’re right. Simkas just said he has a new skin in the works though.

I had a doubt about the uniform ^^’.

Well, I hope the new skin will be the normandy one !

Can you get me a picture of that one so I could make sure it’s correct?

Well, mine doesn’t have that jacket with a zipper, but the colours are pretty much that.

The colours are the main thing.

Yeah ! But, if you make a 101st airborne’s jacket, don’t put an american flag on the arm. It’s only the 82nd which have the small flag.

(forgive my poor english guys ^^’ )