Thrill Kill (Cancelled PSX game) models

Download the viewer for Windows here:
And the character models:

(It doesn’t export the models, it only views them, but it comes with source code if anyone wanted to add an export function. Click and drag with the left mouse button to pan the camera and WASD keys to move it.)

So basically, this is a game that was completed and ready for production, but the publisher thought it was too violent and sexually provocative for release, so they dropped it. The content was considered so offensive for the era that it was going to receive an AO ESRB rating, despite not being a porn game. One of the developers leaked the completed game the following year, 1999, as well as a couple beta versions which had censorship.

It’s a game about damned souls in Hell, beating the shit out of each other for a shot at reincarnation. It would have supported up to four players.

I figured out the model format, and an acquaintance wrote a model viewer for me. Here’s front and back views of two of the women from the game, first is “CONTORT1.DTA” and second is “DOMINA4.DTA”:

Jesus, this game was so fucked up, it was awesome.

Damn that’s impressive for finding out a PS1 model format, could you do that for other PS1 games? :o

I know that Resident Evil 1,2, and 3 are able to be ported over. Final Fantasy 7 also.

I know RE is easily ported because it used the generic Sony format for models instead of its own custom thing like most other games on the system seem to. Similar to how Wii and 3DS/WiiU tend to use Nintendo’s own model formats (brres/cmdl) because of NintendoWare.

This game just uses

but inside a “DTA” container. I don’t know animations work, sadly. They don’t use a PS1 standard.

is it possible to decode other PSX model formats? there’s this one playstation 1 game i’ve really wanted models from but i was never successful to get em cause they either turned out flat as a board or just a mismash of garabge :stuck_out_tongue: the format for the models i want are in .PSX