Throw Item Durability Away!

Throw Item Durability Away!
Rust is a shooter. Theres no sence in loosing time repairing hatchets etc. We wanna look for resources, we wanna blow walls at our enemies houses and we wanna steal their things. Please, go on making the gameplay more catching, not boring.

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I like the item durability and in favor of it, Rust is definitely not just a shooter. I do think however the durability of the items fades waaaay to quickly. Double to triple the durability would be a good idea though.

Rust is first and foremost a SURVIVAL game, it is definitely not a shooter.

Go play CoD or something

Why would durablility not take part in a game where you make guns out of scraps? Guns like that won’t last for shit, and the “modern” guns aren’t even going to be part of the main game so don’t try to argue those =p

lol this feature just brang more aim botters! now they will just 1 shot you to the head so items wont take damage :smiley:

We dont need farm game like a WOW or Minecraft. We need SURVIVAL game

Rust is as much of a shooter as Minecraft is.

a pick axe should not break after 20 wood piles

Create plz some vote.

Guns should not break, it’s not like i am bashing my gun against a rock on a routinely basis. Also, breaking a pickaxe is not very easy, even on purpose. They should have focused on something that wouldn’t start arguments, like individual out-of-1st-person models for items.

I disagree, somewhat, I like the idea of needing to repair tools/weapons/armor. Although, I believe the repair functionality, as it is now (horrible), needs a bit of work. It is alpha and many things need refinement, not just this. Hopefully Facepunch will realize this and listen to us moaning.

Damage definitely occurs much too rapidly. The repair station is a total PITA when you’re out in the field gathering. I fear a FarCry2 rebirth, with the most unrealistic, and overly annoying, gun/tool deterioration that I’ve ever seen in a game.

Finally, and a bit off-topic, I suggest that Facepunch hires some game design managers that have played persistent-world games. Rust is a blend of FPS and persistent-world genres, and needs to be designed with both in mind. Thus far it appears to me to be designed by purely-FPS mindsets (how decay functions is a prime example; it’s needed but needs a lot of thought, tuning, and admin control).

Didn’t they make item durability loss to protect more from raiders? This doesn’t help. For example:

“Hey, look! These raiders’ guns broke while they were raiding us! Lets shoot- Oh wait… Our guns broke”

Funny, the majority of people on Reddit agree with you OP. I’m one of them. Durability is what killed many sandbox MMOs in the past because the developers tossed away realism in favor of trying to extend the grind or prevent hoarding.

Durability is very important in a persistent world game. If there was no durability then it would take a week for everyone to get good gear, and that’s it, no more game, no more reason to do anything.

I feel like more people need to be aware that the durability loss can be reduced, turned off, or even presumably cranked way up with two simple rcon commands.