Throwable Manhack

Basically a weapon that you hold like a grenade. instead of a grenade, its a man hack. you use the grenade tossing animation, then a green lighted man hack flies out and follows you. it will attack anything you want by aiming and clicking. you can also pilot it with the right click.

tough job, not easily done j00 know

Can use the model from the Manhack thrower for SMOD


To be clear,

Do you want this manhack to be a normal Manhack that wants to kill players
A manhack that is allied with the player who threw it?

probably allied to the thrower

Well they have this in Obsidian Conflict. You hold a manhack, throw it, and it has a green light and it’s allied with you (and all non enemies, but that’s for the mod). I think it let you have up to 4 or 5 at a time

I think if you script a scripted entity thats allied with the thrower, then make a simple swep that has a grenade hold type with a manhack model, it might just work.

yes, but can you make it follow the thrower? maybe you can use the script that makes NPC’s join the players squad.

This is in a mod called Combine Combat, if anyone wants to see what he means for free.

You’d probably need to use Impulse 101 if you don’t want to go through the whole game for it though
Warning - the intro is quite long :stuck_out_tongue:

good, then you can rip it to garrysmod.

I made this swep a while ago… it was not allied to you however… so the idea was to throw it into a crowded rebel base area (in my rp server) and then to wait for them to fight it out then raid the building once the hacking stopped, or the shooting, whatever comes first… you’d probly want to add more damage from the npc tho…

Uh, dude. They didn’t release their Source code, so you can’t.
I’m just giving an example of a working -free- copy so that everyone (with or without money) can know what he’s talking about.

I, too, want to see this implemented.

is it made yet?

how far will it be thrown? and is their a secondary fire?