Throwable Rocks. Hell Yeah!!!

Well would you look at that?

This might just change the whole game of Rust(probably not)

finally a reason to carry the rocks you harvest from nakeds!

Wait, it’s already the 22’th of October?.Fallout 4 right around the corner

Would be nice if we could craft rocks from stone (both the large starter one and palm sized ones for throwing)

Small stones and a slingshot…

We need throwable hatchets tomahawk style!

Finally a hoard of nakeds gets the chance to stone loners to death.

oh god the dream!

whats so great about this? The stone is gone after you harvested some wood and rocks

I’d much rather they fixed the issues with the game like how degradation is totally screwed…

Who even uses a rock for more than the first minute they spawn on a new server? Seems like a total waste of time to me

This will be great! I can already see 10 nakeds stoning a fully equipped player

i dunno, if someone is camping spawn with a spear killing nakeds, this gives newspawns a chance to injure/kill that player without having to escape long enough to get food and a spear. i see uses for it.

hell, you could even just lob the rocks you have collected from sleepers at the bear charging you down out of nowhere while you try and harvest enough wood for a spear.

My name is actually Stephen, so basically if you all are up to date on your bible knowledge, the first martyr to die for something they believed in, was Saint Stephen. HE WAS STONED TO DEATH.

This update is bad luck for me.