Throwable Weapons pack+Better Immolator?


Molotov Cocktail (Not the hl2 Beta version)
Semtex (sticky frag grenade)
Incinerator Grenades (Disinagrates stuff with the Combine Ball Animation)
Dog Bone? (NPC’s will retreive it for you?)
Saw Blade Frisbee (From Idiots of Garrysmod)

These are just some of the idea’s i had, if someone can make these that’d be awesome!

Better Immolator

What is a immolator?: A Hl2 Beta weapon that allows you to spray gas on Floors and SPAWNED PROPS, But it doesnt spray on walls or cielings or world props and on top that the model is like a little low def and it sticks out of your crotch, so if someone can make a BETTER immolator, You’d have my download!

Please Consider These!

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    BTW This is my first post soooo, don’t get all suprised if i make one mistake!

For I’m thinking the immolator could work as having tiny invisible props on fire stick to everything (I don’t see why it shouldn’t go on walls).

A boomerang would be awesome.

fix the immolator so it actually hurts NPCs