Throwback: Gray Saints "Previously on..." and Part III "Introduction/Cover"

There are two reasons why I wanted to post this: One, it was supposed to come out when part III was released, just like this. This is technically then the first few pages leading up to part III. Second, I felt like enough effort was put into this anyway to warrant a standalone release as is. At the same time it generally keeps you up to speed as to what happened previously in the series.

A lot is/was (depends on how you want to look at it I guess) changing or happening with this episode and beyond. Especially in terms of the quality and effort put into the comic. My personal 29th skins I made for the series were completed and finalized for episode III. Editing was improving with unique style. Story was getting better. Awesome models and maps. It was just a great time for this series. But a trying time none the less. All these improvements warranted a lot of manpower and ultimately time which became a luxury. It’s ambitious and I hope to resume one day but it’ll be a tough one to find somebody capable of putting as much time as Uberslug did regarding the frames and photoshop effect edits as well as being my producer of sorts in the making of the comic.

So without further adieu…partial, unreleased Gray Saints stuff.

Part III Introduction starts here

Will we see this in it’s full form in the future? Who knows! This place needs a little more nostalgia for comics again anyway.


Oh man this takes me back.

Un-fucking believable. This must have taken you an eternity and a half to do.
Loved every second of it.

They don’t make them like anymore, that’s for sure.

Also, some of your images are lining side-by-side for me, I’d suggest reformatting so it’s not all a single inline img tag string

Awesome! It’s a pleasure to see such a prominent comic from the PHW days resurface after so many years.

If you’ve still got the originals, think about uploading them so that those who haven’t experienced this comic can enjoy it for the masterpiece it is.

Holy flashback Batman

oh my god

jesus christ i waited years for that comic

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and it was so worth it

I’ll re-write some slides and see what I can do about re-uploading the original two episodes some time. It was pain in the ass just to do these previews, haha

Well, sadly it’s not the full deal but I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the bits and pieces I threw together :v:

Just imagine what full comic would have been like eh? I’m telling ya, Uberslug and I had our work cut out for us that’s for sure.

I’m working on trying to fix it ASAP. I apologize for the inconvenience in that case and I’ll get it worked out soon!

I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm towards this! I’ll put serious consideration out there for re-uploading the original two episodes for viewers sake.

drools Okay, gonna sit down and re-read it for a bit. Thanks for sharing! Maybe I’ll write a belated Blast to the Past now you’ve shared it again.

Fantastic. Purely so.

I have fixed the images so that they should no longer be side by side. That was stupid to begin with.

Sorry for the inconvenience, hope it’s much better this time around

That’s okay. If you can teach me how you even managed to center it in the first place, I’d appreciate it!

God this was gorgeous, comics, to be honest, never have a serious amount of effort in the writing, let alone the compositing. I’ve seen very few Garry’s Mod images that are realistically under the illusion of movement (I’m mainly referring the image fourth down from the bottom). I could really care less that the models are certainly not the best, as the way you’ve used them seriously takes away from my care with the quality of models. I can’t wait to see what you publish next :slight_smile:

nostalgia out the wazoo


This is one gorgeous comic, gettin’ a lot of nostalgia. Back in the old days when I was younger (and a dumb asshole) I used to sort of get annoyed about some of the inaccuracies with the uniforms in this comic, but that doesn’t matter anymore. The way all the poses are composed, the writing, it’s all really nice.

I really appreciate it. I do. However, the thing about comics is that it’s unfair to say that. Especially around here because majority of comic makers put an ungodly amount of effort into their work. It’s not that easy at all to make a high quality comic and there are so many factors that go into it that when you see the fruit of your labors go unnoticed or even blatantly ignored, it’s hard hitting. It sucks. I make comics purely to entertain you all. It’s my hobby of sorts because I love writing and bringing it to life through this particular medium.

It becomes an art form too.

The writing here isn’t exactly ground breaking but I’ve read some good stuff around these parts with the same quality and effort. I’d even recommend following up on The Adventures of Hercule Cubbagebecause that is the other high quality comic around these parts that I personally don’t think should go unnoticed either.

Believe me, when somebody has a serious release of their comic, they put serious effort in the writing and everything to go with it.

The first two episodes, the uniforms were atrocious if you ask me. Insignias were all whacked and out of place on helmets, ranks were pathetically wrong and out of place in some cases, colors were not as appropriate as they should have been…

Some where in middle of the third episode Wile E. Coyote, actually PM’d me one day and handed over his template .psd’s for HIS skins he made. It had everything in there from normal to different variations of dirt and grime…It was an amazing act of generosity and I guess it’s because he had nothing left to do those days. About a year or two later he released his skin packs that everyone practically uses today in some variation and the .psd’s to go with it I believe.

I’m at a happy medium now. It’s accurate enough in terms of uniform colors and what not (grungier I say though) but it also sets itself apart from other skins as well so there is artistic licensing.

Thanks everyone!

Much appreciated, my friend! I do put plenty of effort in mine, but whether it comes across is entirely my fault.

This reminds me, I noticed that Uberslug is a Mod here. You may as well try to reach him, see if he’s interested in getting back in the gig.

The epic Gmod comic returns.

Unfortunately, comics are a dying breed. We’d be fortunate to see a compelling comic around these days (Don’t worry Mythos, you are not unnoticed).