"Throwing a Grenade!!" - First Try at First-Person Posing

Title and picture explains it all. I’m new to posing in first-person; any pointers for those who’ve done it?

Enjoy the picture.

It’s okay. The grenade is a bit off, though.

Yeah, I didn’t know where to put the grenade.


On second thought, cross that. I really like the picture, I only with that it would be bigger.

nice i hope u do more FP pictues they look realy good

He just wasted an F1.

It’s a Mk. II Fragmentation Grenade, the Pineapple Grenade. :biggrin:

Wasn’t the F1 used by soviets ?
Anyway nice screen, but there’s not much going on. Maybe add some krauts.

Are the graphics up? They seem low.

Yeah, they’re up. I think super DoF did something to the screen. :sad:

I’ll make another later on with action.

YEa its a bit empty but u got the first person thing down.