Throwing a tankette out of a cargo plane


i tried engine powering it but i could only get it to fly like an ekranoplan :frowning:

I’d be a bit more impressed if the whole thing wasn’t no-collided into the plane. Pretty much renders the cargo drop door useless if it can just skim out.

On the other hand, a tank with wings is…different.

this vid was the first time it was properly tested doing this; the tank’s wings’ lift caused it to do that, nothing i could do

What server is this?


Damn, that’s amazing. I’m impressed.

Cool. :slight_smile: I am impressed too

That is hella cool.

Reminds me of a T2 light tank.

That was awesome.

Very impressive.

How… did… you… This is awesome! Great job!

very carefully

IP for this server, please?

How long did it take to make this?

Whats the IP to the server?