Throwing Rocks...

I don’t know if this has been suggested before, but I’d really like to be able to throw rocks.

I also hope we get helicopters :smiley:

well, its certainly a low tech option for using those spare stones;)

needs work, but i like the general concept:)

Great. Plenty of david and goliath stories to be told from this implementation.


Throws rock
Armed Player: What the fuck was that?? walks near rock
sneaks up behind and snaps neck and takes shit


Throws rock
Armed Player: WHERE ARE YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH?? Starts walking in direction of thrown object, finds and kills player


Throws rock at head of armed player

What’s with that gif? michael bay movie?

You want to stone people? Move to Saudi Arabia.

Throwing rocks is a nice idea.

I also think that hand-to-hand weapons should be made more effective generally - i.e. more lethal.

A single shot to the head with most firearms in Rust = instant death and rightly so. But the same should apply to a hatchet or pickaxe. Frankly, a well aimed blow from a rock should be enough to dispatch someone.

Sure, this would make the game more frustrating at times. But it would also address the current imbalance between players wielding firearms and those carrying tools. As it stands, someone with a rock is considered to be a ‘bambi’ to someone with a gun - they have no real chance of fighting back.

I think it would be far more interesting if the rock carrier was given better odds… and it would prevent gun carriers from running riot with impunity.

Just an idea. But I know the drill… let the flaming commence :wink:

sorry to follow off topic, but perhaps its a matter of adding headshots to melee attacks?

Yeah, that would work :slight_smile:

I also think melee weapons should be beefed up generally. Three or four blows from a hatchet to the torso seems a little excessive, when IRL a single one would most likely spell Game Over for the person on the receiving end.

Sure, I know Rust isn’t meant to be a simulator of ‘Real Life’. Unless it’s trying to simulate the apocalyse on the Greek island of Mykanos, during the height of the gay holiday season (which would probably be quite a chilled out and non-violent situation).

But firearms in Rust are generally quite lethal. And melee weapons should be also. They’re already ‘nerfed’ by comparison due to the fact you have to be up close and personal to use them. So gun carriers would still have an advantage - that’s fine. I’m not wanting guns and melee weapons to be on an even basis. I just want melee weapons to pack the punch they deserve.

I actually agree with this… it’d set up a more balanced playing field between rock toting nakeds and m4 toting naked-hunters, in that the deciding factor in their fight wouldn’t be superior equipment, but skill. If you’ve got an m4, you still have better odds at beating a dude with a rock, obviously, but the dude with the rock should have more than a snowball’s chance in hell if he’s skilled with it, and that’s where melee head shots would come into play.

Precisely! :slight_smile:

It would also create a new dynamic for people being stealthy with melee weapons and using them as an effective method for silent kills.

Plus, I want to make M4-wielding players poop their pants when I charge at them with a rock :wink: