Throwing Torches, Pouring Gunpowder/ LG Fuel, Crafting Matches

I think that allowing the user to equip his gunpowder and pour it at will would be very interesting. We could create traps, or use it for visual effects, w.e. It would be simple enough, you hold the GP in your hands and left click to pour it somewhere, it leaves a trail which you can ignite using fire or a weapon. Same thing could be done with Low Grade Fuel, or use them as a sort of grenade (Hit someone with a bottle of it then set them on fire).

Having a throw-able torch would make them more likely to be crafted since in combination with a fuel or GP it would be used as a weapon. We need to be able to set other players on fire or burn down hobo huts with enough fuel. Imagine running up to a player and throwing a vial of low grad fuel at him then throwing your torch or using your torch to set him on fire. You lose your torch and your fuel but that man is on fire :slight_smile: you then spend 75 low grade fuel to burn down his hut and loot everything lol.

You could also add a new item called “Matches” they require wood and sulfur to craft, you get a couple uses out of them before you run out. New way to light a campfire, must build campfire then craft matches or hit it with your rock until it ignites. This will force players to make camp before they start to starve as it will take a lot longer to light your fire when you are too hungry.

Good idea buddy, you should see my nice little list of addons on my thread. All ideas are accredited to those who create it.