Simple scenes scare me more than complex ones, so even though there’s just a truck against a wall I found this work harder to pull off than others. I put in an absolute ton of texture work, hopefully it made the scene interesting. Would appreciate all kinds of C&C.

Some stuff:
2560x1440 Version


Really good lighting and use of negative space. I’d suggest using a less unnoticeable truck model that doesn’t blend with the background, like Blue or red to highlight it more. Overall i really like this piece.

Good call, will keep that in mind

At first i thought you were using the subframing technique where you use a lot of negative space to highlight your subject, but if that was the case then the truck would stick out to be highlighted. Sort of like this.

Pic was used in this video where this professional photographer explains how you can make really interesting pictures with the use of negative space or when you create “a picture within a picture”.

Wasn’t my intention, but it’d be interesting doing something like this in the future

the truck’s happy his miserable life ended

i really need to learn to use the texturizer already, what you’ve done here is something that i feel i must try to replicate on a far larger scale for one scene in particular

What exactly did you use as the texture for all the concrete on the walls?

Mostly default HL2 wasteland materials, they were more texture passes than actual textures applied to the lighting render (what’s shown in the original), so I haven’t saved them and can’t recollect their names

Man, that comparison! Did you, like, add in every specular highlight and texture upgrade by hand or something?

Speculars were added via phong passes (every entity is colored 0 0 0 255 and given a material with a fairly prominent phong setup, then a picture is rendered with give or take the same light sources) that were screened on top of the diffusion render (which is composed of phong-less light renders). More reflective puddles I did manually.

I can post how a separate pass looks if you’re interested

please do

After resizing the entire project I figured I’d upload every pass (not just phong passes), so:

Sun pass:

Sun bounce pass:
Sky pass:
Thruster glow pass:
All merge together to a final diffusion pass:

Sun reflections:
Sun bounce reflections:
Screenspace wall reflections:
Plus some others merge together to a final reflection pass:

Light and reflection passes merge together to form a final ‘all light’ pass:

On top of which a moss texture is added (with a mask):
In addition to a rust texture (with a mask):

Which together with the ‘all light’ pass merge to:

Along with more manual touches:

And the final post processing stage: