Thruster Problems

I have smartsnap and easyprecision. Thrusters do not go directly forward. For example if I place a PHX block (or anything really) and I add a thruster to the exact middle, it does not go forward, it goes to the right. I add a lot of thrusters in patterns and it goes the other way! This is really annoying when making planes!!! :suicide:


I tried placing two or four thrusters with different strengths to balance it, but it doesnt work! And if it does work itll be too hard to get to that perfect point as thrusters are CRAZY.

Mods I Have:
Advanced Duplicator
Nuke Pack 4
Nuke Pack Sound Fix
Smart Weld

Please note that the mods you mentioned is not a part of Garry’s Mod. This section does not forbid to ask question about Third-Party addons. However, you might get an faster answer by contacting the developer directly. Many third-party addons even have a forums where you can ask questions.

It will probably never be “realistic”. The Physics of source isn’t the best.