Thruster smoke?

Does anyone know the thruster smoke effect? and how i can implant it.

Guessing it should be this ,right?
if so then i just need the thruster effect. to fill in correctly

Eh let me resay what i need seeing my other post probably makes no sense and/or is wrong.

Basically for a swep i have im trying to make it so on its primary fire, it shoots out the effects of a thruster with smoke, or at least something similar. understand? good.

Thanks if you can help.

No, not really, do you want smoke and flame particles?

I did this for some falling meteors, you’ll need to modify it, but it should give you and Idea of how it’s done.
function ENT:Initialize()

self.Created = CurTime()
self.emitter = ParticleEmitter(self.Entity:GetPos())


function ENT:OnRemove()

if !(self.emitter == nil) then


function ENT:Think()

self.SmokeTimer = self.SmokeTimer or 0
if self.SmokeTimer > CurTime() then return end

self.SmokeTimer = CurTime() + 0.0125

local vOffset = self:GetPos() + Vector(math.Rand(-3, 3), math.Rand(-3, 3), math.Rand(-3, 3)) -- random pos near entity pos
local vNormal = (vOffset - self:GetPos()):GetNormalized()  -- get direction vector from ent position to random spot

self.emitter:SetPos(vOffset)  -- update emitter position
local particle = self.emitter:Add("particles/smokey", vOffset) -- add new particle to emitter
particle:SetVelocity(vNormal * math.Rand(10, 30))  -- set particle velocity
particle:SetStartAlpha(math.Rand(50, 150))
particle:SetStartSize(math.Rand(16, 32))
particle:SetEndSize(math.Rand(64, 128))
particle:SetRoll(math.Rand(-0.2, 0.2))
particle:SetColor(200, 200, 210)

particle = self.emitter:Add("particles/fire1", vOffset)
particle:SetVelocity(vNormal * (self:BoundingRadius() / 2))
particle:SetEndSize(self:BoundingRadius() / 2)
particle:SetRoll(math.Rand(-1.2, 1.2))
particle:SetColor(255, math.random(128,255), 0)


I think I got part of this code from the thruster actually, it’s been a while, this is all client side code.

thanks, but its not exactly what im searching for.

See what im looking for is something that is triggered on primary fire.
But what i want triggered is a thick smoke, i found some examples like yours but the smoke is just like tiny, see throug “clouds”. I’m looking for something like(as i said before) more of that thruster smoke look.
did that help clearify.

Oh and im pretty sure it can be done.
Remember from past playingtime some server i joined had something similar.

I think you should stop saying thruster smoke, cause it sounds like you want a smoke screen effect like the smoke grenades on Counter Strike, you should be able to increase the size of the particles to make it cover more area, and adjust their velocities to make them linger, as far as making it come from a swep create the emitter in the swep and put it where the muzzle/barrel/shoot pos is. then emit huge smoke particles to obscure the area if that’s your goal. I find if I can’t describe something it’s best to post a picture.

Like that.
eh, aren’t i lucky? I actaully took a screenshot of it when i saw it a while, for future ideas or something.

Anyway, i can’t find that smoke texture.

Well, what’s making that smoke? If it’s a gmod thing maybe you can look at it’s code to get the texture, other than that i’m out of ideas, so good luck.