Thrusters broken?

since a update that happend in November last year, the thrusters output is limited and slow,i have reinstalled everything,i have gotten new packs,i even went on my friends fresh copy of gmod and it still is there,so its gotta be the patch,i was hoping it would of been fixed months ago but sadly its not,any ideas on how to fix this? after 600 hours on gmod im already saying rest in peace cause theirs nothing left to do without thrusters.all my adv-dupe saves, my ingame saves are also like this, somthing changed with the thrusters, this has happend before but a update came out and it was fixed, their has been alot of em since november,but nohting is fixed.

Thruster output is not only dependent on their power, which you can set with a slider, but also on their weight. Use a weight tool to increase their weight if you want more thrust.

500+ hours of gmod. thruster settings 999999 (ive tried others), usully 2 or 3 thrusters with 55 weight, will be more than enough. now the weight has to be 200 and be in numbers,when making a plane,jet,missle flying machine you cant have that extra weight. with a phx jet that weights 1500, i had 3 thrusters 999999 , and weight 55. it maxed out Wiremod’s Speed instantly and was the fastest thing ive ever built. now the thing hardly flys.