Thumper model (w_thumper)

This is for the thumper weapon in the beta, it’s using a fire extinguisher model originally, the model is currently lacking a skin so I will update pics once it has one.
This is going in our (Team GabeN) Half-Life 2 project.

(Sorry for the page stretcher)

So it’s a portable thumper that you can set up anywhere?

dude I’ve been looking for a fix for that forever. If you finish this you’ll be gold starred.

What you really need to do is the brickbat(Throwable rocks, bottles, headcrabs).

Holy**** does TeamGabeN deliver! :excited:

Brickbat already works (Although we need to make it change the viewmodel depending on which one you have).

In your mod, or in the leak?
The leak doesn’t work at all.


That’s actually pretty cool.

The leak’s does work … now :wink:
We (Essel, actually.) fixed it.

I LOVE TEAM GABEN can I have that stuff now :slight_smile:

That looks so damn promising that I actually forgot about MI.

MI is off the radar., it got renamed twice then disappeared.

I’m more interested in Mugofdoom’s Legacy project than MI. :o

Oh god, you’re from GabeN!?

Nice model you got there, even thogh i diddn’t lnow it existed :smiley:

And now you are talking bout MI, how do i install it, it just puts a maps-models-materials-scripts ect. in my modsfolder, and gives an error when stardet :frowning:

You’re not in RIN right?

I also want that gravity gun :open_mouth:

Then download Missing Information.

<3 gaben for their MV :smiley:

The Physgun in MI is a modified Gravity Gun, while the leak’s is entirely different.