"Thunder, Flash!"



Can’t hardly see anything

I can’t see anything.

…what exactly am I looking at here?

(Also inb4descripivetitle)

Woah, at first i thought it was just a normal forest and no one was there, then i saw a body and it made me shit a house of bricks. 0_0

That’s because it’s night time, hurf durf.

No… its just so dark that nothing is really visible (: /

I see it, and I like it. Looks like some soldier hiding out in the trees waiting to storm something.

this looks pretty easy to make like 5 second job ?

God that is the worst excuse I have ever heard.

In that case, why exactly did you bother even posing anything if you can’t actually see it. It isn’t realistic, its just stupid.

To prove what i said


Well I didn’t know how to make it brighter in night time (witch sounded strange to me) but the original picture was super dark and I edited it to make it a little brighter. I’m sorry your comment sounded a little stupid and obvious.

Welcome to the game of life, how would you like to begin?

You could put some light blue lamps or lights around the scene, make them not too bright so the picture still looks like night, but the lights could simulate the moon shining on them.

Have you seen Band of Brothers? This is based on the second episode when the paratroopers drop from the planes onto Normandy. It was around midnight when they did it so if see someone and they aren’t sure if they’re an ally, one person would say “Thunder”, and the other person would reply “Flash”. That is what this picture is about.

brightened it up a bit… very badly but now you can see stuff : /

Better, now there are three soliders

Looks a little bit better, but like what vman said, I could put some lamps or lights around the scene to make it not too bright.

ok, i think i see them

come on in!


it bothers me how that is backwards. the flash comes BEFORE the thunder not the other way around.