Can some one model me some faceposable thwompz please, i kinda need the asap aswell!

If you want someone to help you you’re going to have to add more information than that. Some reference pictures are always a good start. I for one, have no idea what a thwomp is.

You sir, have not lived life ! loool i joke, a thwomp is one of these beauties

They are from mario.

Oh yeah I know those. Never actually knew the name of them. But still in terms of the shape of the thwomp itself, it would be a breeze to model however…A 2D face wouldn’t be faceposable, it would need to be a series of different models or a 3D face.

Hmmm i see what you mean, if you could model it can you do a manor of different face blocks as that seems the most easiest please.

Much thanks.

Couldn’t these just be ported from Mario Galaxy or Mario Galaxy 2?

In many times, someone can get confuse about these enemies, there´s one, that it´s this one and another called Whomp, that it´s large.

Cakemaster, i don´t think that this enemies were ported, in the MG pack, there was Goombas and Bullet Bills, the MG2…who can pass me the link? I want them

That’s why he said “Couldn’t these just be ported” instead of “Weren’t these ported?/Aren’t these already ported?”.

At the same time isn´t necessary the correction, but at the same time yes, so thank you for the correction, i read bad

What’s the need for corrections in the first place dude, we all knew what he ment… Stop tryna upset each other.

Yeah i had the MG pack and it wasnt in there.
Someone please, please help me !

Come on guys i need this please !