Before you go HURP DURP DARKRP FAILS. Well yes, this contraption only furthers your point :smiley:

You can now purchase a mingebot to go kill who you want, for a price of course.

Here it is!
It has a simple and intuitive GUI that guides shoppers along the process. The price of the kill changes with what part of the society the target is in. Canadian Bill costs 50000 simply because he’s awesome.

Basically yeah the video explains it.

Cute, I don’t RP much though.

finished it. nice


spelled complete wrong

What does it do if there’s a wall infront of it?

Download link?

It’s nocollided and flies through world and props. (He built it on my server and I got killed by it a few times. I good way to stop it is shooting a Super RPG at the machine and removing the E2.

Also, yeah it’s cool… until you’re targeted. Actually you can go down dying to a cool mini-heli… anyway, I’m famous, I’m in the chat at 0:27-0:40. You can see me making a Canadian Flag Maple leaf on my GPU also, yaaaay.

Anyway, real nice job, 'specially since I forced you to make me cost $50,000.

I want one :c


Doesn’t that make it a bit overpowered, if it can fly through props and the world?