Tibble's Monetary Exchange Device! [It's Full of Fractional Banking!]

Forread: I know this isn’t a FPesque contraption, deal with it :3

Greetings gentlemen, I have made an Automated currency holder and redistributor for the purpose of Dark RP. This has been done before, but mine holds a few key features that puts it in a tier of its own, such as

[li]Customizable Account features
[/li][li]Accounts are saved via text files, so you’ll never loose your information… Even transfer to another server!
[/li][li]Deposit funds
[/li][li]Withdrawal funds
[/li][li]Take a loan out!
[/li][li]Earn motha fucking interest!
[/li][li]Saturate the server’s economy with superficial funds, replicating what is happening now in society!
[/li][li]Did I mention that it has a fucking sexy GPU GUI that resembles the wiremod.com theme?
[/li][li]Oh yeah, It’s wall mountable, easily installed with Mighty putty

Up till now, nobody has made something as awesome as this for DarpRP. Well guess what, you can’t have it, but as compensation I’ll give you a video of its functions with sexy eargasmic bass drops (Watch in 1080p)

It’s a bit WIP, need to get the interest fully working… I only have it working in my mind right now. The video shows the few bugs that it has that are caused by lag.


Nice stuff.
What’s the song called? :v:

Is there an Auto arrest warrant function for when your deadbeat ass can’t pay the loan?

This ATM is useless if everyone can’t use it.

Oh wow you’re even more full of yourself than dvdupri. Be that as it may though you’ve got a nice atm. And although I hate rp even if it is dark I can still appreciate good work.

Holy. Cant forget “^^ holy ^^”

Mac, It’s in the name of humor…
Also Ytr, everyone can use it. It works perfectly on multiplayer, you can even access your account on a different server… With up to 50% interest rates compounded daily? How is it not useful…

And no, when you dont pay your loans it locks your assets, and it requires a security deposit to make the loan first, so really it kinda keeps itself balanced.

Also your account balance is limited to 250K, because I don’t want people depositing 400 million and churning out massive numbers

sorry but every time I hear of Gmod RP, all I think is this:

sounds like someone’s got a bad case of arrogant-itis

still, it’s all in the name of humor, someone looks like they have a bad case of not reading any replies, but this is FP, i shouldn’t be surprised.

Haha, I was wondering if you’d post this one Facepunch. Yeah, this thing is awesome, I’ve tried it.

Also, just dismissing questions about it, the popup menu was custom made for the server.