Tiberian Sun Brotherhood Soldier

So I’ve been looking around and it seems no one has made a player model of anything to do with GDI or Nod. I did find a TF2 custom hat addon which added the Brotherhood’s awesome helmet mask thing, but it was only a model. I know what I’m asking is probably extremely difficult but I’m getting back into Gmod again and I’d like to be able to use what has to be the coolest uniform in existence in my opinion.

To help anyone who wants to take up this request, I found reference pictures and images of mods from a dead UT3 mod of both Nod and GDI.


I guess not…Oh well.

“Nooooo, it must be impossible since no one replied in six hours, what is this madness?”

Give it time, you waited for six hours. This isn’t the most active model request forum that humans have ever created, at least not anymore.

I still remember making this thread and no one replied.

That’s funny, considering how you profile states that you never did such a thing.

On my old account.

Did you get banned and you created an alternative account?

I made an account about a year ago. I didn’t like the name and I made another one.

Well it’s somewhat hard to do without a link to an install of said dead mod. Though I was under the impression that there’s a live UDK one?

I tried getting into contact with the team who made the mod before it died but I never got ahold of any of them.

As well, it wasn’t the six hours of nothing. I’m going into game design so I understand how hard it is to make a good model from scratch. Its more along the lines no one responded, which is an impatient habit I know but its a nervous tick I have.