Tiberium Addon

Since the older Tiberium addon died and not being developed anymore i decided to remake Tiberium for GMod.

Entities :
[li]Tiberium - The entity this mod is all about, it comes is green, blue and red, some of them are volatile[/li][list]
[li]Green Tiberium - The most basic version, it grows quite fast but only holds 2000 units of Tiberium.[/li][li]Blue Tiberium - The somewhat more rare version, it grows slower than the green Tiberium but holds up to 3500 units of Tiberium, this crystal is also volatile.[/li][li]Red Tiberium - The rarest form of Tiberium, this form grows the slowest but can hold 5000 units of Tiberium, this crystal is quite volatile.[/li][/ul]
[li]Chemical Plant - This plant converts refined Tiberium into Tiberium chemicals, Tiberium chemicals are mostly used for fuel.[/li][li]Chemical storage - This storage tanks stores Tiberium chemicals.[/li][li]Tiberium Harvester - This harvester used energy to harvest Tiberium in a cone infront of it.[/li][li]Raw Tiberium storage - This storage tank stores Raw Tiberium.[/li][li]Liquid Plant - This plant converts raw Tiberium into liquid Tiberium, liquid Tiberium is quite rare and extremely volatile, it is mainly used for HE rockets.[/li][li]Liquid Storage - This storage tank stored Tiberium liquids.[/li][li]Power Generator - This generator used Tiberium chemicals to create Energy, it can also use a boost of Liquid Tiberium for extra energy output.[/li][li]Tiberium Radar - This entity uses energy to look for Tiberium in its vicinity, when it finds it it will send through wire the coordinates.[/li][li]Tiberium refinery - This refinery converts raw Tiberium into refined Tiberium, refined Tiberium is used for main building materials since Tiberium is stronger than metal once refined.[/li][li]Refined Tiberium storage - This storage tank stores refined Tiberium.[/li][li]TRIP Module - This entity converts the radiation that comes from Tiberium into energy like a solar panel does, just aim it at the Tiberium to get energy.[/li][li]Factory - This entity can create all the entities in this pack, just press use on the factory and you see all the info there.[/li][/list]

Tiberium based weapons :
[li]Missile Launcher - This entity launches missiles that are loaded into it.[/li][li]Tiberium Missile - This entity needs to be loaded into the launched before it can be fired, this missile is also capable of using multiple types of warheads.[/li][/ul]

Scripted Weapons :
[li]Sonic Pulse weapon - This weapon fires a sonic pulse which damages Tiberium, useful for removing small patches of Tiberium that is in your way.[/li][/ul]

Console Commands :
[li]Serverside :[/li][list]
[li]WTib_RemoveAllTiberium - Removes all Tiberium on the map (Requires admin rights).[/li][li]WTib_DefaultMaxFieldSize - Sets the crystal limit per field (Requires admin rights) Default = 70[/li][/ul]
[li]Clientside :[/li][ul]
[li]WTib_DynamicLight - Set to 0 to disable dynamic lights and set to 1 to enable (Default : 1).[/li][li]WTib_DynamicLightSize - The size of the dynamic lights (Default : 1)[/li][li]WTib_UseTooltips - Set to 0 to disable the tooltips for Tiberium entities and 1 to enable (Default : 1)[/li][li]WTib_ToolTipsRange - How far away tooltips should be shown when looking at an Tiberium based entity (Default : 512)[/li][li]WTib_UseOldTooltips - In what way the tooltips should be shown 1 for the default way and 0 for a different way. (Default : 1)[/li][/ul]

Changelog :
Due to loads of changes i make i will not be updating the changelog, check the SVN logs for what has been changed.

How can i help?
You can post bugs and errors related to this addon, if you have a suggestion that is not yet planned then i would also like to hear your ideas.

My server :

Credits :

These credits can be outdated, if so please notify me and i’ll update the list.

Lynix : For the original tiberium models.
kevkev : For the rest of the stuff in there.
NightReaper : Models and icons
Hoizen : Models
Balduran : Models
Sn1per : For some ideas and testing help.

Downloads :
I only update through the SVN, maybe when we get to a more complete state i will start uploading to garrysmod.org.

SVN Link :


This addon NEEDS RD2/3 or it wont work!, wire is also highly recommended although not needed : 



You didn’t credit meh D:


ok, i get it now

chemicals for fuels and liquids for weapons

maybe chemicals could make gas weapons?
and liquids make a ridiculously large explosion and cause damage after explosion.

Just an idea:
the modellers could make TS like wall blocks for both NOD and GDI (straight and corners too) and make them an entity so tiberium and in the future veins cant grow on them and also has HP so it can be destroyed (with explosions like nades and rockets, not bullets) and maybe could be spawned from an other ent for tiberium
with this, we can have nice contained fields and bases

and maybe gates too

ok, let me share a little story

it was here i was getting high teen fps


it was here deph hud told me i was getting around 10


with the lights also 10


i left it for a bit, and my frame rate seemed terrible (hud was lying, it was now below 10)


this was my final result-note the auto disconect- i was playing single player


my specs

amd athlon x4
nvidia 220
2gb ram
i dont consider these bad (nor top of the line) but getting less than 10 fps means something is wrong with your addon (before, i was getting around 40 fps)

Uh, i had 5 full fields active at a time while testing, i had 40 FPS and i didn’t crash.

Try adjusting your settings Jack.

What do you mean by TS?

I never thought tib fields in a cave would look so neat


i can run gmod at max settings and get a decent frame rate of 40+ (not that source is very intensive) same for l4d2,cnc4, avp 3 (with the occasional stuttering) and tes iv. this doesnt mean i can brag about how good it would run crysis on max settings (you would have to be pretty sad) but i am definatly not the guy with the celeron

@ balduran

i thinks he means tiberian sun

I’ve got a better PC than you, and I go to 10fps as well. That and your computer is not mid range - I run Gmod at max settings at 1920x1080 with an average FPS of 90, and my computer was mid range three years ago.

What it is is CPU draw. When looking at the field, you will go down to about 10fps as the source engine is incredibly CPU based - it’s core was built before the GPU became the main focus.

It is not to do with bad coding, its just how Gmod runs the entities. Remember, they ARE all entities, and entities do eat Gmod.

My specs are :

AMD 7750+
ATI HD5770

But i do not run GMod maxed out, i run it at 1380*720 (Or something in this range) windowed and high settings, no AA or AF.

is there a specific part of my computer that sucks?

I meant tiberian sun
you know, the walls that you can build by both GDI and NOD


And I think a cave with more grey-ish walls and a cold (green or blue) illumination would look better
In that cave on the pic only red tib would look good (IMO)

Ignoring your apparent lack of a shift key?

AMD Athlon x4 - there are several of these so without a product number I cant say exacts, other than the chipset is designed to be cheap and cheerful.

nVidia 220 - nothing more than a rebranded nVidia Geforce 8400, making it a good three years old (and not that great at the time).

2GB RAM - fine if you’re on XP, if you’re on Vista you’ll want a gig more. Ideally you’d want 3 gigs anyway if you are gaming.

Long story short, your computer isn’t a gaming machine, its a machine that happens to be able to run some games.

i would have guessed the 220 is a 9400 with better energy saving

i am using win 7

Turn of your aero theme while gaming, there’s plenty of programs out there you can find that will do this for you. When you’ve got a game running, you don’t really need your desktop to look pretty. My computer’s rated around 6 or 7 by the built in windows benchmarking, but my aero score is 4.bad, bringing the rest of my system down.

Also, that TS wall idea sounds good, but only if we’d be able to use them joint at angles other than 90 and 180. And from my point of view, that’s still tertiary.

Oh, and any chance we’d see a console command to turn the max tib field size up or down?

Also, dig the new thread.

9400 was just a rebranded 8400 that had the ability to decode more HD signals than the 8 series - an ability that was never used in the 9400 anyway.

you really don’t like me, do you lokisan?


make red tiberium ridiculously volatile- like a single bullet causing it to blow up

Whats the fun in that? one single stray bullet and a whole field is down, besides, bullets do not cause enough heat to ignite stuff.