Tiberium (Both Pod and CnC 3 Versions)

Hey guys. I made some old Pod tiberium that was originally designed/created by westwood, and EA’s new “Spire Tiberium” or “CnC 3 Crystals”. You can use these crystals in roleplay, you can make a radioactive field using field generator or just use them for ragdoll posing. I do realize that their is a tiberium mod but I just wanted to make my own variety using wood and tires. I also realize that garrysmod.org is down “for me” so I will be adding the duped files to Mediafire in the meantime. Happy April Fools, Easter whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

This Pack Includes…

Tiberium Pod Riparius
Tiberium Pod Vinifera
Tiberium Spire Riparius
Tiberium Spire Vinifera



  • Nod Flag and Dead Ti-Rot Corpse not Included -

Needs more screens. But other than that, I like it!

oh this is rather cool! you think you can make some more pod versions? ive always prefered the original pods above the crystals :expressionless:

I sure can. I’ll post them later.


The Garrysmod.org Link is up. Few pics with it too!

I think it would look a lot better if it wasn’t so sharp, but they still look pretty cool

Nice logo in the scene other than that, :iia:

Looks like it’s growing out of a cinnamon bun.

Lol, I can make a new version if you wish. I am working on more pod varieties.
such as Riparius V4, Vinifera V4, Cruentus and Im working on a blossom tree.

Ahh also. the Gmod.org link is up - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=95224

Awsome work! you should think about a way to harvest it and make stuff from it like bombs.

Thank you for the feedback! V4 of Tiberium is ALMOST done. IT looks alot more like Tiberian Dawn tib. You’ll see later this week

Nice job. Although the flag could be a little better, the tiberium is good.

Thank you again for feedback, as a bonus. A Preview to Tiberium Pack V4! A Prop Made Tiberium Pack! I have a Working Beta Refinery to test the harvesting method. When the harvester included approaches the docking bay, the main pool fills with Liquid Tiberium! Also a W.I.P. of the GDI Tiberium Refinery but might not be in the pack, just for show :D. And a sneakpeak to the new Tiberium! So have a peak!